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Foam Mattress for Cybex Priam, Muuvo, Bebetto, X-lander Strollers with Ventilated Vertical Channels

Foam Mattress for Cybex Priam, Muuvo, Bebetto, X-lander Strollers with Ventilated Vertical Channels

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Our high-quality mattress, which contains GELTEX foam.

Foam GELTEX® - modern hybrid foam containing gel particles guarantees the highest quality. The open-cell structure of the foam allows it to perfectly remove moisture from the mattress. The GELTEX® foam gives the mattress great elasticity and elasticity. The gel particles contained in it maintain a constant temperature on the surface of the mattress, preventing the body from sweating on hot days and cooling down in winter

  • breathable GELTEX foam® providing optimal body support by distributing pressure over the entire surface
  • zipper for easy unzipping of the cover;
  • the mattress includes a removable cover that can be washed and spun in a washing machine at 60 degrees
  • high-quality PUR foam with channels that provide ventilation
  • has a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child and the National Health Quality Certificate of the Institute of Hygiene

The mattress fits the following strollers:

- Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo
- Cybex Priam (versions 1.0, 2.0, 4.0)
- Easywalker Harvey 3
- Hartan VIP GTS
- Maxi Cosi Zelia
- Muuvo Quick ( 3.0 SE, 3.0 XL, Trick, SE)
- Nuna Mixx Next
- Thule Sleek
- Valco Snap
- X-lander Britax Smile 5Z
- Cavoe Axo (Shine, Style)
- I Bebe Ice
- Joie Chrome
- Venicci Tinum Up Line
- Moon Resea
- Bebetto (Lucky, Luca )
- Zokky Ozz
- Cybex Balios S 2023
- Cybex Talos S 2023

Mattress dimensions:
- Length: 78 cm
- Width: 34 cm
- Mattress thickness: approx. 4 cm


COMPOSITION: 69% polyester 30% lyocell (tencel) 1% elastane
Cover TENCEL made of cellulose fibers, has
great properties of absorbing and releasing moisture, which
is crucial in terms of hygiene and bacterial development.
TENCEL fibers have the smoothest structure, making it the best choice for children and people with
delicate skin.

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