Layette for a newborn: what to buy and how to prepare before the baby is born?

Preparing a layette for a newborn is an important matter that requires careful planning. Below is a list of the basic things you should buy before your baby is born:

  1. Changing table and diapers: Necessary accessories for the daily care of a newborn. Remember that in the case of diapers, it is worth choosing the right size, adapted to the weight of the child.

  2. Nappy basket: A practical storage solution for nappies and other care accessories.

  1. Cot and bedding: A newborn needs a comfortable and safe place to sleep. You can choose a cot with a mattress or duvet, as well as bedding in the right size. You can also choose a Moses Basket instead of a cot.

  2. Car seat: An essential piece of equipment for parents who use the car. Make sure that the seat is suitable for the child's age and weight.

  3. Sling or carrier: The perfect solution for parents who want to be close to their baby and keep their hands free.

  4. Bodysuits, rompers, hats and socks: Clothes for a newborn should be comfortable, easy to put on and practical. Pay attention to the material they are made of.

  5. Bottles, teats, breast pumps: If you're bottle-feeding, it's a good idea to have several bottles, teats and a breast pump to make the pumping process easier.

  6. Thermometer: A useful tool to measure your baby's body temperature.

  7. Care products: Creams, soaps, bubble baths and other baby skin care products.

  8. Blankets and rompers: Practical and soft blankets and rompers will help keep your baby warm and comfortable.

In addition to these basic things, it is worth remembering about choosing the right stroller, feeding seat and other accessories that will make everyday life with your child easier. Preparing a layette is an individual matter, so it's good to look around for additional accessories that will make life with a newborn easier.


The most important of the rules for preparing a layette for a child is to remember that You are the most important for him/y - this is the last in order, but at the same time the most important of layette commandments. The gadgets and accessories we talk about in the guides do not make you a better or worse parent. Their role is limited only to supporting the daily care of your child. You shouldn't feel bad if you don't have any of them. The most important thing your child needs is your care and love, which no gadget can replace.