Creating space for the baby

Having an organized room is very important because let's face it, a lot of things come with a baby!

From rompers to socks, diapers and wipes, the list goes on. Having space for all your belongings will help you during quick diaper changes, constant changing and feeding at midnight.

If you're expecting a baby, here are some ideas to help you create a neat and organized nursery!

The first part of the space organization process is to create space for storing clothes.

The two key areas for storing clothes are, of course, the wardrobe and the chest of drawers. First, decide which clothes you can fold. Use the top drawer of the dresser to store overalls, pants, pajamas, swaddles and socks if you have space. It's helpful to use small compartments to organize each of these types of clothing. Rolling clothes will keep them neat and let you see each one.

In the wardrobe, hang children's clothes that don't fit. Sweaters, jackets and sweatshirts are better to hang in the closet. You can also choose to hang larger size clothes until your child is old enough to fit in that size. This will free up space in your dresser for clothes that now fit and make it easier to see what you already have in the next size.

Next are essentials like diapers, wipes and creams. If possible, keep these items organized in the top drawer of a dresser or changing table. Using small compartments and/or containers will help keep each of them organized. In addition to using a dresser to store diapers, you may also need a stroller or stroller that can be moved from room to room. This will make it much easier to change diapers on the spot.

Finally, what about all those toys and books? Storing toys in our baskets is a great way.

Use a basket appropriate to the size of the toy. Keep books on a shelf or in a basket. Mark one of the containers with "souvenirs" so that it can be used for special items.