How to prepare and what to give the mother-to-be for a baby shower

Baby shower is a traditional party organized for the future mother before the birth of the child. This is a great opportunity to give a gift for the mother-to-be and for the child. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare and what to give

Ask the mother-to-be about her preferences - before you start thinking about a gift, it is worth asking the mother-to-be about her preferences and needs. She may already have a wish list or special wishes for gifts.

Think over a gift for a baby - think about what the baby will need in the first months of life. You can give, for example, a blanket, bodysuit, rompers, diapers, toys, pacifiers, feeding bottles, a great idea would be to give our Moses basket.

Think about a gift for mom - a baby shower is also a great time to give something nice to the future mom. You can think of e.g. a cosmetic kit, a book about motherhood, a mug with the inscription "best mom", etc.

Choose nice packaging - gifts are much more effective if they are carefully packed. You can choose an elegant box or basket and decorate it with a bow, or go to a nearby flower shop and ask them to pack it.

Get ready for fun - a baby shower is also a time for fun and relaxation for the mother-to-be. Get ready for games, quizzes and more that your guests and mom-to-be will enjoy.

 Be ready to help - a baby shower is also an opportunity to support the expectant mother and offer her help after the birth of the child. For example, you can offer babysitting when the mother-to-be needs a moment to herself.

To sum up, in order to prepare well for the baby shower and give the right gift, it is worth talking to the mother-to-be about her preferences, thinking about gifts for the baby and mother, choosing a nice packaging and getting ready for fun.