How we care for the environment

At KidooCrafts, we care about the environment and take many actions to protect it. We are proud of the fact that we only use FSC-certified wood, which guarantees that it comes from forests managed with respect to the principles of sustainable development. Moreover, we use only ecological raw materials to produce our products, which allows us to minimize the negative impact of our activities on the environment. Thanks to this, we can offer our customers high-quality products that are both aesthetic and nature-friendly.




We are proud to be a member of the Nature Protection League, a non-governmental organization that works to protect nature.

The Nature Conservation League is an organization that has been working to protect nature and cultural heritage for over 100 years. The organization's goal is to protect wildlife, preserve biodiversity and improve people's quality of life. The Nature Conservation League runs many educational projects, including workshops and training, to increase people's awareness of nature conservation and encourage environmental action.

As a member of the Nature Conservation League, KidooCrafts supports these goals and helps implement the organization's projects. Together we work to protect wildlife, promote sustainable development and raise awareness of environmental issues.

Thanks to our cooperation with the Nature Conservation League, KidooCrafts can work to protect the environment on an even larger scale. Together we can do more for our planet, and our work can help create a better future for us and future generations.

We are also pleased to announce that from now we additionally care for the environment by choosing ecological packaging materials for our products. Instead of traditional plastic packaging, we choose more environmentally friendly options such as paper bags or cartons made from recycled materials, paper tapes or recycled packaging tapes.

Our ecological efforts are not limited only to the choice of packaging materials. The paints we use to paint our toys are free from harmful substances.

As a company, we always strive to be responsible and civic-minded, caring for our environment and future generations. That's why we're proud of our environmental efforts, including our selection of eco-friendly packaging materials. We are convinced that our steps in this direction will reduce our impact on the natural environment and contribute to the protection of our planet.