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The advantages of natural and ecological toys and decorations

Remote control toy cars, talking robots or guitar playing are just a few of the toys that attract the attention of curious children. Unfortunately, many of them are sourced from China and made of toxic ingredients and materials. However, many conscious parents reach for wooden toys. They are safer, more ecological, and at the same time often make them more fun to play.

By choosing wooden toys, you care about the environment. However, even if you are not an ecological fanatic, know that wooden toys have many advantages! They are, above all, safe and durable. They do not crumble, do not spoil, are pleasant to the touch and usually do not have sharp edges, will also serve the next generations.

If you find wooden toys you used to play with as a child. This is just proof that they are almost indestructible! In addition, wood is an extremely original material, because you will not find two identical pieces of wood. Each of them has its own story and is unique.

Wooden toy or plastic toy?

Wooden toys do not contain any toxic substances that are hazardous to health, which is not always the case with plastic ones. Most toys imported from China contain lead and phthalates, substances that are harmful to the human body. In addition, they cannot be recycled and are not biodegradable (unlike wood). Although plastic toys may look attractive at first glance (they are colorful, make pleasant sounds and move on their own), in reality the child quickly gets bored with them and puts them in the corner. Little has been learned from them. Because how much can you play with toys that "do everything themselves": they walk, talk, move in several programmed ways and arrange themselves. Completely different than wooden toys. Because… … Wooden toys teach creativity! In addition,   develop his imagination and motor skills. Following the example Our originally designed doll's pram supports your child's development.

Thanks to toys such as a stroller, a cradle or a toy car, our child has the opportunity to perform basic movements, activities that will develop his motor skills very well. The child can think about what he will do with the toy and what he will play with it (e.g. wooden blocks that he can arrange as he wants). So the youngest get out of schematic thinking in this way and do not complain about boredom. This will certainly pay off in the future, and will also translate into their character traits.

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