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Everything you need to know about the Moses Basket

Choosing Moses baskets can be a great job for a mum-to-be! Moses baskets can be a comfortable, cozy and practical option for your baby to sleep in for the first few months of life. Usually made of strong wicker, palm or corn, many Moses baskets are equipped with mattresses, decorative bedspreads and adjustable hoods.

Moses baskets are practical baskets for the youngest children. They are made of strong and natural child-friendly materials. Moses baskets are proven products that have been available on the market for years. Thanks to their durability, they are still often bought by parents who have full confidence in them.

Moses baskets allow parents to keep their baby close to them at night, where they can monitor their movements and breathing. It's also much easier to hear them when they start crying. The child closer to the mother is safer.





How long can I keep my baby in the Basket?


Babies usually stay in Moses baskets until 4-6 months. When they reach 6/7 months, you will notice that they become heavy and more alert, which means you probably won't be carrying a sleeping baby - they will need a stationary place for naps.


And now a little about the benefits of the Moses Basket


Easy to carry


Their lightweight design makes the Moses Basket really easy to carry around the house or around the place if you're traveling. They are also equipped with handles that make it much easier to hold and carry.


Space saving


If you're struggling for space and can't fit a cot in your bedroom, the Moses basket is the perfect alternative when your child is small. Most Moses baskets are 80 cm long and 45 cm wide. Thanks to this, they can easily fit even in the smallest rooms. Their size not only saves space, but also your child will feel safer in a smaller space - helping him fall asleep and calm down.


Take it everywhere


The Moses basket makes it easy to put your baby to sleep wherever you are. A trip to grandma's house is so much easier when there is a Moses basket. Instead of packing a travel cot, the Moses basket is already folded and just put it away in a safe place. Another advantage is the stand, which takes up very little space when folded.


Keep your baby comfortable


Moses baskets are perfect for winter and summer. Thanks to the wicker material, it is air-permeable, thanks to which the child is not too hot, and in winter you can dress your baby in warm clothes without fear that he will overheat.



Bedding or other accessories can be removed when the child grows up, and the basket can be used to store toys and books or laundry. The Moses basket can be used as a decoration in every room of your house or flat.




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