W jaki sposób otoczenie twojego dziecka wpływa na jego rozwój?

How does your child's environment influence his or her development?

Exposure to good aesthetic standards and materials may shape your child's intellectual abilities in the future. Everything that is in the immediate vicinity of the child, beautiful objects and aesthetic, everyday equipment has a real impact on its development. The prettier and tastier the better.


High aesthetic sensitivity of your child is his greater intellectual ability in the future. Aesthetic sensitivity or colloquially so-called “Good taste” are traits largely inherited by us. It is our brain that decides whether we like something and consider it beautiful or not. In our genes we get our inner judge who judges beauty and defines it for us. As it turns out, however, biology does not make us completely vulnerable here, and we can learn good taste and even practice it. The easiest and fastest process is carried out in small children, who best and fastest absorb knowledge and stimuli reaching them from their immediate environment.

Why is it worth developing children's aesthetic sensitivity?

Well, as neurobiological research shows, high aesthetic sensitivity increases the number of neural connections in the brain. The consequence of this process is greater intellectual capabilities of our children. A child with a sense of good taste and sensitivity to aesthetics simply develops better intellectually.

What elements of the environment teach the child good taste and develop him intellectually?

The process of developing good taste brings many benefits. The first and basic is better intellectual development of a young person. Therefore, take care of what is in the immediate vicinity of your child. Choose carefully the furniture, children's room equipment, toys and even clothes. Stylish and aesthetic furnishing elements for a bedroom or children's room, such as those available on our website, can inspire, develop creativity, and at the same time provide the child with good aesthetic patterns and give him a sense of style . Thanks to this, you will develop your child's sensitivity to beauty and good taste, which will significantly influence his intellectual development.


The process of shaping aesthetic taste is possible and brings many benefits. Learning through play and contact with good aesthetic models has the potential to largely result in both sensitivity to beauty and expansion of intellectual capabilities. Psychologists believe that certain mechanisms and preferences that we are accustomed to in childhood remain with us for the rest of our lives. Therefore, we - adults - are responsible for what, how and how our children will play


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