Odkryj Naszą Wspaniałą Ofertę Łóżek z Wysuwanym Dodatkowym Łóżkiem

Discover our great range of Pull-out Extra Beds

Beds with a trundle extra bed are the perfect solution as a bed for guests or for exciting night parties!

This is a great way to provide extra sleeping space, while also storing away when not in use, saving valuable play space.

Many of our trundle beds are also suitable for children sharing a room, without sacrificing style - just choose a good quality drawer mattress.

If you're upgrading your baby to a larger bed, a pull-out extra bed allows parents to comfortably care for their baby without affecting their own precious sleep or when you need to look after them throughout the night.

Our house beds or bunk beds with a pull-out extra bed are available in various variants and are easy to set up, so unexpected guests will have a place to sleep!


The drawer can also be used as storage space. You can put toys or bedding for your child in it. DThanks to the built-in drawer, you can keep order in children's rooms and more.


Which mattress should I use for my trundle extra bed?

We always recommend carefully checking the size of the mattress for the pull-out extra bed. The drawer is always 10 cm shorter than the main bed.

Latex foam mattresses are a good choice for a trundle extra bed because they are not only comfortable, but also thinner and will fit under the bed when not in use.

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