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African Moses Basket: Masterpieces of Ghanaian Crafts

African Moses Basket: Masterpieces of Ghanaian Craft

Ghana, a country on the west coast of Africa, is famous for its cultural richness and traditional crafts, and one of its hidden treasures are the extraordinary Moses Baskets. These beautiful Moses baskets are the work of skilled craftsmen from a company located in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana. Let's take a closer look at the history of these unique creations and their impact on both the local community and the global market.


Legacy of the Craft

For centuries, the inhabitants of the Bolgatanga region of Ghana have woven baskets from elephant grass, which grows abundantly in the area. This craft is passed down from generation to generation, with each weaver bringing their own style and skill to this traditional process. The company we work with, founded by Gregory McCarthy, recognizes the importance of preserving this ancient tradition while providing a sustainable livelihood for local artisans.


The Process of Creating the Moses Basket

Creating the Moses Basket is a labor-intensive process that requires exceptional skills and precision. It begins with the collection of elephant grass, which is carefully selected and harvested. The grass is then dried in the sun to achieve the appropriate elasticity and strength. Weavers, often women from local communities, sort, dye and cut the grass into thin strips to begin the complex weaving process.

Using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation, weavers skillfully weave strips of grass to form the base of the basket. They then continue weaving upwards, adding intricate patterns, patterns and colors. The end result is not only a functional basket, but a real work of art, reflecting the creativity and craftsmanship of the creator.


Community Impact

The company has a profound impact on the local community in Bolgatanga. By providing a sustainable source of income for artisans, the company enables them to support their families and invest in education and health care. Fair trade practices adopted by Baba Tree Basket Company ensure that artisans receive fair wages and work in safe conditions. In addition, the company actively supports community development projects such as school construction and access to clean water.


Global Recognition and Demand

The beauty and quality of Moses Baskets have gained international recognition, making them highly sought after by customers around the world. Designers and retailers around the world appreciate the craftsmanship, unique designs and ethical manufacturing practices in the production of these baskets. From fashionable boutiques to exclusive home goods stores, Moses Baskets have found their place in the international market, bringing a touch of Ghanaian art and culture.

These are universal: Moses baskets, often found at the poles. After the child grows out, they can be a great decoration both in the child's room and in the living room.

Our offer includes baskets with frames and rocking baskets, adapted to various preferences and styles.


Their universal design also makes them a perfect gift idea for baby shower, adding charm and functionality to the baby's future surroundings.

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