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Wooden Toy on Wheels, White Ship to Pull

Wooden Toy on Wheels, White Ship to Pull

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It can be pushed, pulled or turned in the fingers. A wooden ship moved by the strength of a toddler's muscles or by means of a string with beads, appears to the little explorer as a fascinating phenomenon. It has the shape of a ship, although its minimalist form allows the child to multiply ideas for its use. Vehicle racing? Here you go. Workshop fun? No problem. There is also room for lovingly looking at and admiring a beautifully made object.


simple form and subdued colors - combines minimalism and Scandinavian style
use of natural materials in the form of ash wood and cotton
safety and environment-friendliness-made of the highest quality local raw materials, covered with non-toxic water-based paint; with characteristic curves
multifunctionality and universality– to be used anywhere and in the way you choose
developing imagination and independence through a creative approach to the rules of play and encouraging

The set includes 1 ship with a detachable string finished with beads for easy grip.

Technical parameters:

• age: 3+ (version without string for children aged 1+)
• material: ash, cotton string, non-toxic water paint
• dimensions: 125 x 55 x 85 mm
• weight: 0.16 kg

• dimensions: 100 x 100 x 100 mm
• composition: cardboard box, paper sachet

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