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Wooden swing with a coral string

Wooden swing with a coral string

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Wooden swing on strings. Cotton carrying bag included.

Product features:

      portable wooden swing on strings;

    • simple design;

    • can be hung wherever possible;

    • cotton bag for easy transport and storage;

    • great fun regardless of age;

  • swinging soothes emotions, calms down and gives a sense of security;

    • supports the process of creating connections between neurons;

      • swinging positively affects the sense of balance and motor coordination;

      • minimalist style;

      • high quality local raw materials;

      • smooth elements;

      • environmentally friendly product.


    Technical parameters:

      • age: 3 + under the supervision of an adult;

      • material: birch plywood with Euro 1 certificate, FSC-certified wood, non-toxic water-based paint, cotton cord metal carabiner;

      • packaged: wooden swing with cotton cord, 2 carabiners and cotton bag;

      • seat dimensions: 450 x 210 x 8 mm;

        box dimensions: 525 x 270 x 55 mm;

      • weight: 1.4 kg;

      • packaging: cardboard box, cotton bag, paper sachet.
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