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Wooden Puzzle, Color Balance

Wooden Puzzle, Color Balance

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The creative balance beam is universal fun for the whole family. It successfully keeps pace with a dynamically developing child, without losing its attractiveness.
The minimalist balance beam is an open-ended toy which does not impose rules and schemes, but only follows the current needs of the recipient and becomes a faithful playmate.

The wooden balance beam consists of as many as 30 construction elements that encourage all family members to create fanciful composition. Just listen to your own heart, let your imagination run wild and conjure up a unique building with art therapy effect.

This is not an ordinary arcade game, it's a creative balance beam, so it can also be used as:

• an excuse to talk about emotions
• a calming puzzle
• an exercise in concentration
• a party game
• a construction game

It is a seemingly simple toy that magically encourages experiments and carefree fun. It restores balance to our senses and feelings, and its goal is simple - to develop. Regardless of the age of the player or the place of play, it allows you to integrate the environment and focus on a common challenge. The younger ones will sort or count, the older ones will like the challenge of creating the strangest or tallest structure in the world.

What does playing with a balance beam teach?
• precision and dexterity
• patience and perseverance in pursuit of the goal
• controlling emotions
• concentration on the task
• spatial imagination

simple form and subdued colors– combines minimalism and scandinavian style
the use of natural materials in the form of ash
safety and environmental friendlinessu–made of the highest quality local raw materials with a smooth surface
multifunctionality and universality– to be used anywhere and in the way you choose
developing imagination and independence through a creative approach to the rules of play.

The set includes 2 bases and 30 structural elements.

Technical parameters:

• age: 3+ (or 1.5 + under the supervision of an adult)
• material: smooth ash covered with water-based paint
• dimensions: base length - 145 mm, average size of the figure - 25 x 25 mm

• dimensions: 210 x 125 x 60 mm
• composition: cardboard box, linen bag, paper sachet

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