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Wooden pear toy opened

Wooden pear toy opened

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The minimalist pear is an open-ended toy that does not impose rules and patterns, but only follows the current needs of the small recipient and becomes a faithful playmate.

Wooden pear naturally refers to the world of nature and affects the child's development. Toys from Babai are a story about the wonders hidden in small things, in the beauty of nature, in love and tenderness.

Role playing is a huge field for the development of a child's creativity and imagination. Then the first directed lines are spoken, and the parents' eyes see the theatrical gestures of the little actors. It is then that universal props become necessary that will allow you to create any world chosen by the child. One of them is a wooden, foldable fruit, that will amaze parents and children. The intricate pear hides a pleasant surprise inside. It is a nice cotton worm whose appearance faithfully imitates the phenomena found in nature. From now on, a pear with a worm can be both an attribute of "Snow White", a prop when playing shop, a secret hiding place for treasures, but also a subtle and tasteful decoration. Rotated in the handles, it promotes the development of fine motor skills.

simple form and subdued colors - combines minimalism and Scandinavian style
use of natural materials in the form of ash wood
safety and environmental friendliness-made of local raw materials of the highest quality
multi-functionality and universality- to be used anywhere and in a chosen way
developing imagination and independence through a creative approach to the rules of play.

The set includes 1 pear with magnets and 1 worm made of cotton, packed in a cotton scarf.

Technical parameters:

Pear with a bug
• age: 3+
• material: ash, cotton, water paints
• dimensions: pear diameter 7.2 cm; worm length 11.5 cm

• dimensions: 100 x 100 x 100 mm
• composition: cardboard box, cotton scarf

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