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Wooden Gray Dollhouse, Eco toy for a child

Wooden Gray Dollhouse, Eco toy for a child

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Dollhouse. Wooden construction elements fastened with magnets give new possibilities of fun. The whole thing can be folded and unfolded and thus, taken with you, e.g. on vacation. A linen bag is used to transport and store the elements.

The house is a classic example of open-ended fun, which does not impose rules and patterns, but only follows the current needs of the small recipient and becomes faithful a playmate.

The little toy lover will be most intrigued by the possibility of any configuration of the magnetic walls. The call of the builder goes hand in hand with the passion of a mad artist. From this raw wooden house, it can make a warm and cozy apartment for dolls, or a climatic lantern emanating with light. Legends say that there once lived a wizard who could make his home invisible. One tiny house and a few other props are enough for scenes created according to your child's script to play out in front of your eyes.

What will the child develop thanks to the house?
• creativity
• spatial imagination
• the ability to construct coherent statements and tell stories
• manual dexterity
• acting skills

The set includes 9 construction walls for self-configuration, packed in a cotton bag.

Technical parameters:

• age: 3+
• material: birch plywood with Euro 1 certificate, FSC-certified wood, metal magnets, non-toxic water paint
• dimensions: 255 х 155 х 155 mm
• weight: 0.85 kg

• dimensions: 270 x 255 x 100 mm
• composition: cardboard box, cotton bag, tissue paper, paper sachet
• weight with house: 1 kg

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