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Wooden FISHING game, magnetic, color

Wooden FISHING game, magnetic, color

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The Geometric Fish Fishing Set is universal fun for the whole family. It successfully keeps pace with a dynamically developing child, without losing its attractiveness.

The wooden fishing set naturally refers to world of nature and affects the child's development. Toys from Babai are a story about the miracles hidden in small things, in the beauty of nature, in love and tenderness.

How about catching your own colorful specimen? This is what the fishing set from Babai encourages children. It is an arcade game in a compact edition, consisting in catching wooden fish using a mini fishing rod equipped with a magnet. Babai designers created the game for creative and open-ended fun, devoid of rigidly imposed rules. Counting, sorting, naming geometric figures or colors are just some of the options for using these nice wooden representatives of the underwater world.

What does the game teach?
• precision and dexterity
• patience and emotional control
• concentration
• ability to cope with failure
• principles of healthy competition

The set includes 12 wooden fish and two fishing rods to play together packed in a practical linen bag.

Technical parameters:

• age: 3+
• material : birch plywood with Euro 1 certificate, FSC-certified wood, metal magnets
• fish size: 59 x 24 mm

• dimensions: 210 x 125 x 65 mm
• composition : carton box, cloth bag, paper sachet

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