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Toy for children, Wooden BOW AND ARROW, ECO

Toy for children, Wooden BOW AND ARROW, ECO

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The wooden bow and arrows are universal fun for the whole family. They successfully keep pace with the dynamically developing child, without losing their attractiveness. They are used for open-ended fun, which does not impose rules and schemes, but only follows the current needs of the small recipient and becomes a faithful playmate.

Fun that brings to mind the times of brave warriors and spectacular feats. Hiding in the forest thickets, you look for the target to finally be able to take that one most important shot. Today is your big day, because you can feel like the fearless Robin Hood or the rebellious Indian chief Hawkeye. And when you fold your tipi or base, you can simply practice your accuracy and organize a family shooting competition. Get carried away by your imagination and invite your household members to have fun outdoors.

What does the game teach?

• precision and dexterity
• patience and emotional control
• concentration
• the ability to cope with failure
• principles of healthy competition

The wooden bow and arrow perfectly reflect the characteristics of KidooCrafts

• simple form and subdued colors - combines minimalism and Scandinavian style
• use of natural materials in the form of birch plywood with Euro 1 certificate, FSC-certified wood, felt and cotton• safety and environmental friendliness - made of local raw materials of the highest quality, covered with non-toxic water paint
• multifunctionality and universality - to be used anywhere and in the way you choose
• developing imagination and independence through a creative approach to the rules of play .

The set includes: 1 wooden bow, 1 quiver, 3 arrows and 1 shield.

Technical parameters:

• age: 3+
• material
1. bow: birch plywood with Euro 1 certificate from FSC-certified wood, non-toxic water-based paint, cotton cord
2. arrows: wood - stick, felt
3. arrowhead: cotton wadding
4. shield and quiver: cotton, felt, cotton cord, birch plywood with Euro 1 certificate, FSC
5 certified wood. surface: water varnish
• dimensions
1. arch: 680×100×35mm
2. arrow shaft: 405 × 10 × 10 mm
3. arrowhead: 30 × 20 × 20 mm
4. quiver: 490 × 13.5 mm
• weight: 0.47 kg


• dimensions: 720 x 180 x 50 mm
• composition: cardboard box, paper sachet

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