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KidooCrafts Moses Basket with Stand and Mattress

KidooCrafts Moses Basket with Stand and Mattress

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Moses' Basket with Mattress and Wooden Sturdy Rocker.

Due to its size, weight and construction, the basket can be easily moved between rooms. Newborns need closeness with their parents from the first moments, love, but also a quiet, cozy place to sleep.

Thanks to the basket, you can simplify parenting by keeping your baby close to you at night or during the day. The basket is easy to carry and provides a cozy environment for your newborn. When placed by the bed, feeding in the middle of the night has become a little easier

  • The basket is made of 100% natural material - corn husk
  • The basket can be easily carried from room to room with handles
  • The cover is made of 100% cotton
  • Removable and washable Moses basket lining
  • Solid white rocking stand made of beech wood
  • Multifunctional: bedding can be removed when the child grows, and the basket can be used to store toys and books or
  • Stylish design and colors make it a perfect addition to any children's room
  • Our Basket is an excellent choice for future parents and a perfect unisex baptism gift

The Moses basket is made of materials safe for children. To ensure the well-being of our customers, our manufacturing process does not contain any harmful materials.

None of our products contain harmful materials. Your child's health is very important to us.

Our cotton cover is 100% made of high quality organic cotton. You can wash it - just remove the cover from the Moses basket.

Functional stand / frame for Moses Baskets, with the possibility of gentle rocking. The gentle rocking motion helps the baby fall asleep and calm down.

The cradle is designed for Moses baskets with dimensions:

  • width from 28 to 45 cm.
  • length of the Moses basket at a height of 26 cm from 65 cm to 86 cm

The rocking stand is made of solid beech wood.

Easy to assemble, no tools required. The Moses basket sits securely on the stand. The Moses basket is 52 cm high. It is the perfect height to keep your baby at eye level when you are in bed.

Dimensions of the wooden stand:

Height: 50 cm

Length: 86cm

Depth: 43cm

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