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Mattress Made of Highly Elastic Foam and Memory Foam with Smart Channel System

Mattress Made of Highly Elastic Foam and Memory Foam with Smart Channel System

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Anti-allergic, two-layer mattress, the core of which is highly elastic polyurethane foam with optimal elasticity. It has zones in the form of cuts on one side.

The top layer is thermoelastic foam, which adapts to the anatomical structure of the body under the influence of heat. It provides adequate support depending on the sleeping position, increasing its comfort.

Foam density - 30 kg per 1m3

We provide a 5-year warranty for the mattress

Mattress height - 13 cm

Highly elastic mattresses made of foam, under the influence of body pressure, adapt to its natural shape, thanks to which they provide an extremely comfortable and healthy sleep. Highly elastic mattresses are also very durable and resistant to deformation. They are also considered to be one of the best ventilated mattresses, which is due to the bubble arrangement of the foam inside, which guarantees efficient air circulation. ™ of natural origin. It is gentle on the skin, but what is important, it effectively wicks away moisture. It is also naturally antibacterial and anti-allergic, which significantly harmonizes with the antibacterial insert of a children's mattress.

TENCEL™ absorbs and releases 50% more water vapor than cotton, is noble to the touch and durable, and the unique properties of the fiber make it warms you during cold nights and pleasantly cools you down in the summer
Research shows that bacteria on the TENCEL™ cover multiply much slower than on polyester or cotton covers
Shedding made of natural TENCEL™ fibers is made of cellulose, i.e. wood
Easy to clean, stable even during repeated washing at temperatures up to 60°C
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