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KidooCrafts Moses Basket with Mattress

KidooCrafts Moses Basket with Mattress

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Moses basket with mattress.

Due to its size, weight and construction, the basket can be easily moved between rooms. Newborns need the closeness of their parents from the first moments, love, but also a quiet, cozy place to sleep.

Features of the Moses Basket:

  • 100% natural hand-woven basket
  • the current model of the basket is finished with a fabric ribbon - thanks to this the basket can be even bigger durable
  • high-quality certified mattress included, with a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and
  • universal can fully replace the first cot, it will also work as a travel cot
  • light and handy, it can be easily carried around the apartment

External dimensions of the basket it is about 84 cm x 40 cm, inside there is a mattress measuring 2 cm high

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