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Colorful wooden slingshots

Colorful wooden slingshots

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Slingshots are used for open-ended fun, which does not impose rules and patterns, but only follows the current needs of the small recipient and becomes a faithful playmate.

Once one of the most popular backyard games, today it is experiencing its renaissance. Shooting with a slingshot is fun that integrates generations. There is nothing easier: you string the slingshot in your favorite shape, take one of the safe and cotton balls, choose the target and shoot. Cotton balls fly with the characteristic sound of PIU-PIU-PIU, and you or your child practice dexterity, precision and concentration. Let your creativity flow and decide if you want to aim from hiding, shoot cups stacked in a tower, or just enjoy an improved version of chase game.

What does the game teach?
• precision and dexterity
• patience and emotional control
• concentration
• ability to cope with defeat
• rules of healthy competition


• simple form and subdued colors - combines minimalism and Scandinavian style
• use of natural materials such as maple wood and cotton
• safety and environmental friendliness - made of local raw materials of the highest quality; covered with non-toxic water paint
• multifunctionality and universality - to be used anywhere and in the way you choose
• developing imagination and independence through a creative approach to the rules of play.

The set includes 3 different slingshots with 3 different colored cotton balls, packed in a cotton bag.

Technical parameters:

slingshots with balls
• age: 3+
• material: maple, cotton, cotton cord, elastic band, non-toxic water paint
• dimensions: slingshot Y: 93 x 90 x 11 mm;, slingshot O: 116 x 11 mm, slingshot U: 134 x 74 x 11 mm
• weight: 0.4 kg

• dimensions: 175 x 165 x 70 mm
• composition: cardboard box, paper sachet

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